Thursday, 23 May 2013

LUELY FIGUEIRÓ, a star from the South

Luely Figueiró was a starlet from Rio Grande do Sul who came to São Paulo in the mid 1950s and acted at many films. She would live in both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Luely was also a very good singer who eventually recorded a few singles and a full album for Continental Discos.

Ângela Maria, Helenina Costa, Ernani Filho, Elizeth Cardoso, Luely Figueiró, Lúcio Alves, Carminha Mascarenhas, Norma Benguel & David Durpré (a dancer) at 'Carrossel' a show on TV Rio in 1959.
Luely Figueiró on the cover of Intervalo April 1963.
Revista do Rádio 1962.
Luely Figueiró at Intervalo in 1966.

Luely na capa de 'Fatos & Fotos' de 1951 e 1963. 

Luely Figueiró tells Revista do Radio (early 1959) her romance with Lucio Alves has cooled.

3 March 1960 - Luely Figueiró sings at night club Chicote on Praça Roosevelt, 247, São Paulo. 

20 May 1962 - OESP - Luely Figueiró is nominated for best supporting actress in 1961 Saci Awards granted by S.Paulo daily 'O Estado de S.Paulo' yearly.

Luely Figueiró  * 26 September 1935  + 6 December 2010.

Continental Discos release a whole album sang magnificently by Luely Figueiró. 

16 November 1957 - Hungarian director Ferenc Fekete's 'A doutora é muito viva' is a vehicle for Eliana Macedo, the most popular Brazilian actress in the 1950s. Francisco Negrão tries his best as a leading man but he didn't go too far after that. Luely Figueiró starts climbing up in popularity...
9 February 1958 - Alfredo Palácios' 'Vou te contá...' in which Luely Figueiró is the leading lady supported by Cinderela and Dorinha Duval.

Luely & Zé Trindade... 
14 December 1961 - Luely shares the top female billing with Violeta Ferraz and Renata Fronzi in  'Briga, mulher & samba', a Ronaldo Lupo comedy. Elza Soares, Miltinho, Tito Madi & Ribama, Moreira da Silva, Monsueto & others do the musical numbers.

29 July 1962 - 'Correio da Manhã' says 'Luely will return' from Europe soon!' Luely was one of the star in 'Skindo',  an extravaganza performed in Lisbon and Paris. 
18 April 1963 - Wilson Silva's 'Nordeste sangrento' premieres in Rio de Janeiro. It opened in Sao Paulo in a later date. 

15 December 1964 - Ruth Escobar presents Brecht's 'Dreigroschenoper' with Leny Eversong & great cast in which Luely Figueiró is prominent.

5 September 1965 - As late as 1965, Luely Figueiró appears at a musical extravaganza produced by Rio de Janeiro's TV Globo, Channel 4 that had been inaugurated not long ago. 

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