Thursday, 27 November 2014

1 9 6 2 - 'Os Cafajestes' / 'Esse Rio que eu amo' / 'Assassinato em Copacabana'

25 March 1962

8 April 1962

6 May 1962

10 June 1962

20 May 1962 - 'Os cafajestes' were finally released and here's daily 'O Estado de S.Paulo' review of it.

The cinema columnist could only compare Angolan Ruy Guerra's 'Os cafajestes' with France's 'nouvelle vague' and Italy's 'modern cinema'. Not happy with 2 different sources, the columnist goes further a-field and quotes Swedish 'disagreeable influences' like Ingmar Bergman's 1949's 'Törst' (Sede de paixões) and 1953's 'Gycklarnas afton' (Noites de circo). When you thought you were on safe ground the columnist says 'Os cafajestes' also borrowed from the Japanese cinema of Gosho Ohba, Naruse and Maruyama. What a mouthful!
10 June 1962 - just a few weeks after 'Os cafajestes' was released... 'Assassinato em Copacabana' (Murder in Copacabana) comes out.

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