Thursday, 18 December 2014

1 9 6 2 'O pagador de promessas' / 'Briga, mulher e samba' / 'O vigilante rodoviário'

It was the highest Brazilian ever got to being recognized internationally... when 'O pagador de promessas' won the Palm d'Or in Cannes in that spring as the best film in the festival. 

5 August 1962 - 'O pagador de promessas' was all the rage after having won the Palm d'Or at the 1962 Cannes Film Festival. Suddenly, Anselmo Duarte who was considered only a middling  to fair actor was hailed as the new Fellini or Bergman showing how flimsy Brazilian journalism has always been. No consistency whatsoever. Not much is said about Dias Gomes's play which was the real winner. Actress Norma Benguel is still treated as a 'surprise' as she was only considered a 'show girl'. Brazilian journalism was culturally colonized and still is up to date (2014).

12 August 1962 - One could go and watch 'O pagador de promessas' at Cine Ipiranga and then later at 4:00 PM or 9:00 PM go on Teatro Brasileiro de Comedia on Rua Major Diogo, 315 and see Leonardo Vilar in person playing the same character (Zé do Burro). 

'Briga, mulher e samba'.
12 August 1962 - 'Briga, mulher e samba' -

9 December 1962 - 'O Vigilante Rodoviário'.
9 December 1962 - 'Mandacarú vermelho'

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