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'Briga, mulher e samba' - 1961

As the 1960s advanced the Brazilian musical-comedy was dying fast. 'Briga, mulher e samba' was comedian-turned-producer Ronald Lupo's last film. It was done in 1961, released in December 1961 in Rio but only on 12 August 1962 in São Paulo. I may be mistaken but I'm almost sure it was the last movie in which Violeta Ferraz appears.

Violeta Ferraz põe a boca no trombone... literally... singer song-writer Monsueto is the fellow on the left wearing a hat... Matinhos plays Violeta's husband.
Monsueto & Elza Soares sing 'Ziriguidum' with the local community. 
Violeta supervises her 5 children while Matinhos listens to Ronaldo Lupo.
things do get out of control towards the end of the flick... Lupo thrashes Iório while Luely Figueiró gets hold of Renata Fronzi... while Violeta Ferraz in her pajamas just looks out of place in such a pandemonium.
Renata Fronzi does her thing while Atila Iório watches... Luely Figueiró just being sexy for a middle-aged Ronaldo Lupo.

Musical number by: Elza Soares ('Ziriguidum'), Miltinho, Tito Madi, Ribamar, Francisco Carlos, Moreira da Silva, Monsueto e sua escola de samba e Zé do Norte e sua gente. 

Ronaldo Lupo (Marcelino); Renata Fronzi (Mira)
Luely Figueiró (Teresa); Átila Iório (Valentino)
Violeta Ferraz (Sofia); Matinhos (Simão)
Billy Davis (Cicatriz); Arlindo Costa
Faria Veiga; José Lopes; Yta Wester
Irmãos Valença; Mozael Silveira; Mauricio do Vale (Zé)
Nestor Montemar; Tony Junior.

14 December 1961 - 'Briga, mulher & samba' premieres in Rio de Janeiro on 7 December 1961.

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