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1 9 6 5 - 'Esse mundo é meu' / São Paulo S.A.

21st January 1965 - 'Correio da Manhã'- Ruy Guerra's 'Os fuzis' premieres in Rio de Janeiro.

7 February 1965 - OESP cinema columnist writes a highly biased review about singer-song-writer-movie-director Sergio Ricardo's 'Esse mundo é meu' (This world is mine). Conservative newspaper would not tolerate any 'leftism'... Dark days had dawned on 1st April 1964, the day Democracy was smashed in the country. Things would only become worse in the next few years. The film was released in August 1964 but apparently only got to be shown in Sao Paulo in February 1965. 

Ziraldo and Antonio Pitanga in 'Esse mundo é meu'. 
Antonio Pitanga & Lea Bulcão 

21 March 1965 - Geraldo Vietri's 'O homem das encrencas' (Imitando o sol) with Laura Cardoso, Abilio Marques, Pagano Sobrinho, Lucia Lambertini, Sergio Hingst e Jean Carlo. 

9 May 1965 - Milton Amaral's 'O cabeleira' starring Helio Souto, Marlene França & evil Milton Ribeiro of 'O cangaceiro''s fame. Ruth de Souza and singer-turned-actor Francisco Egydio complete the cast.
23 May 1965 - Alex Viany's 'Sol sobre a lama' starring Geraldo Del Rey who as the ad says TV Excelsior's popular Marcelo, the main character in the soap-opera 'Vidas cruzadas'. Del Rey played the pimp in Anselmo Duarte's 'O pagador de promessas' in 1962. Tereza Raquel and Glauce Rocha who died young complete the scene. Music by Pixinguinha and Vinicius de Morais. 
6 June 1965 - new director Glauro Couto's 'Os vencidos' (The conquered) with Black actors Breno Mello ('Black Orpheus') and Eliezer Gomes ('Assalto ao trem pagador') plus French starlet Annik Malvil.

6 June 1965 - Angolan director Ruy Guerra's 'Os fuzis'
29 August 1965 - a German-Brazilian co-production, Horst Haechler's 'Convite ao pecado' (Invitation to sin) featured wife-and-husband Eva Wilma & John Herbert in the main roles.
29 August 1965 - a  Brazilian-Argentine 1964 co-production 'Morte para um covarde' (Un sueño y nada más) with Reginaldo Farias and Virginia Lago.
29 August 1965 - at Cine Metro 'Grito da terra' directed by Ciro de Carvalho Leite, starred by Helena Ignez.

11 September 1965 -

19 September 1965
26 September 1965 - screen-play by Edgard da Rocha Miranda is based on an infamous crime committed by a jilted woman who befriended her former lover's young daughter, abducted her, shot her in the head and set fire to the body. It all happened on 30 June 1960. The killer Neide Maia Lopes became known in the press as 'Fera da Penha' (the beast from Penha). Polish-born Beyla Genauer plays the beastly nurse, Carlos Alberto plays the two-timing bastard and Joana Fomm the wife that stays at home and doesn't know anything about nothing. 

3 Brazilian movies were released on the week of 26 September 1965. Eventually, the Brazilian cinema industry would hit hard times and fade out completely.  

26 September 1965

26 September 1965 -

3 October 1965
Walmor Chagas walks the streets of São Paulo...
walking up Avenida São João...
bewildered by the naked city... 
Eva Wilma & Walmor Chagas in São Paulo Sociedade Anônima. 
13 November 1965 - at Cine Republica a typical Paulista movie: Geraldo Vietri's 'Quatro brasileiros em Paris' having the whole cast of TV Tupi's telenovelas like Amilton Fernandes & Guy Lupe who were the romantic pair in 'O direito de nascer', Sergio Galvão who was a Radio Bandeirantes DJ who played rock music; heart throb Jean Carlo, 'bad girl' Georgia Gomide who made a point of playing 'evil women' and Laura Cardoso who would have one of the longest career in Brazilian show business ever.

21 November 1965 - actor turned director Jece Valadão presents 'Historia de um crápula' with himself, Jose Lewgoy, Mario Lago and others.  

28 November 1965 - At Cine Marrocos, Carlos Hugo Christensen's 'Viagem aos seios de Duilia' with Rodolfo Mayer and Nathalia Timberg; at Cine Metropole, 'A falecida', based on a Nelson Rodrigues's story with Fernanda Montenegro; at Cine Maraba, 'A desforra', made in S.Paulo with some telenovela's actors like Tarciso Meira, Jacqueline Myrna, Guy Loupe who later would change her name to Isabel Cristina, Mara di Carlo and Canarinho.  

Jacqueline Myrna & Tarciso Meira 

Jacqueline Myrna 

28 November 1965 - country music duo Tonico & Tinoco's vehicle 'Obrigado a matar' based on 'Chico Mineiro' (Tonico-Francisco Ribeiro) a popular country song recorded by them in 1958.  Flick directed by Eduardo Llorente with incidental music written by Gabriel Migliori. 

12 December 1965 - based on José Guimarães Rosa's classic book 'Grande sertão - Veredas' - 'Grande sertão' was not welcomed by OESP columnist. He actually disparages the very history of Brazilian cinema and its various phases. From 1934 to 1960... 

12 December 1965 - almost 3 years after directing 'O pagador de promessas' (based on a play by Dias GomesAnselmo Duarte comes up with 'Vereda da salvação' this time based on a play by Jorge Andrade 

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