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1 9 6 6 - 'O menino de engenho' / 'Crônica de uma cidade'

13 February 1966 - As late as 1966, Brazilians still made movies to be released in summer as part of Carnaval's festivities. Carnaval had been gradually changing over the years from a real popular street party to a more organized state affair. Chacrinha was a very popular MC who copied Harpo Marx's dress code and gestures; Costinha was a comedian who availed himself of nervoso tics to extract the maximum laughs out of his sexual innuendos.  Victor Limas's '007 e meio no carnaval' (007 and a half at Carnaval) was a poor send-up of the James Bond saga.

17 July 1966 - based on a 1932 book by Jose Lins do Rego, at Cine Normandie 'Menino de engenho' produced by Glauber Rocha and directed by Walter Lima Jr.

24 July 1966 - torch-song singer Maysa is back in S.Paulo for only 1 night (26 July 1966) after having lived in Europe for a few years; Maxim Gorki's 'Pequenos burgueses' (The petty burgeois) is back after having been banned by the Military Junta that took over Brazil's government in April 1964.

24 July 1966 - Argentine director Carlos Hugo Christensen's ode to Rio de Janeiro, the city he chose to live in. OESP's columnist debunks the movie, but coming from such a quarters it is highly suspected of parochialism... especially when the movie's main theme is the City of Rio de Janeiro itself which the daily newspaper from S.Paulo harboured a vindictive and unfounded hate.

28 August 1966 - Irma Alvarez is 'Engraçadinha depois dos 30', based on a Nelson Rodrigues story; at Cine Ipiranga 'As cariocas' with a lot of hot stars.

28 August 1966 - 'O vigilante rodoviário', the very first Brazilian TV series becomes a full-lenght movie titled 'O vigilante e os 5 valentes' with Carlos Miranda playing the hero and rock singer Tony Campello playing a play-boy gone wrong plus Lobo, the so-called Brazilian Rin-Tin-Tin.
Tony Campello plays a play-boy involved with some shady characters. 

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