Wednesday, 6 May 2015

1 9 6 7 - 1 9 6 8 'Terra em transe' / 'Os Incriveis neste mundo louco'

4 June 1967 - Glauber Rocha's 'Terra em transe' is finally released after having won plaudits at Cannes and other places. 
5 June 1967 - Brazilian first TV movie 'Vigilante Rodoviário' spawns another sequel, this time called 'Missão secreta' (Secret mission) with policeman Carlos Miranda mounted on his 1952 Harley-Davidson or driving a Brazilian 1959 Simca-Chambord sedan always accompanied by faithful Lobo, his German shepherd dog. All the action took place around Rodovia Anhanguera km. 38 in the outskirts of Sao Paulo. The TV series started broadcasting on Wednesday, 3 January 1962 on TV Tupi. 

25 June 1967 - OESP review of 'Os Incriveis neste mundo louco' - the adventures of rock-band Os Incriveis shot by their manager Brancato Jr. who for a moment thought he was Richard Lester filming the Fab-4's 'A hard day's night'. The final product is dreadful.  

24 December 1967 - Carlos Hugo Christensen's 'O menino e o vento' based on a book by Anibal Machado; at Cine Gazetinha, Mario Fiorani's 'O engano' (The mistake) with Marisa Urban, Claudio Marzo, Helena Ignez etc.  
24 December 1967 - at Cine Luxor that projected MGM films Jacqueline Myrna stars in 'Amor na selva' (Love in the jungle) where she plays some sort of a female-Tarzan called Tarzana. Jee, what kind of trash is that?
24 December 1967 - 'Proezas de Satanás na Vila de Leva-e-Traz' with original music by Caetano Veloso.

10 March 1968 - OESP's review of 'Bebel, a garota propaganda' written by Carlos M. Motta.

1 September 1968 - Ronaldo Lupo is back after a long time away from the silver-screen with 'As aventuras de Chico Valente' with Luely Figueiró, Renata Fronzi, Maria Pompeu and Wilza Carla.

30 September 1968 - actor-directo Jece Valadão who became famous impersonating a 'cafajeste' (a scoundrel) goes back to the same portrayal... now 'As 7 faces de um cafajeste' (The 7 faces of a scoundrel) featuring seven great actresses among them Odete Lara, Georgia Quental and Norma Blum. 

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