Wednesday, 23 September 2015

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19 April 1970 - Brazilian country music royalty in the persons of Tião Carreiro & Pardinho - probably the best sertanejo duo in the history of musica caipira plus country comedians Simplicio, Saracura and Nha Barbina... they're all there. I wish I had watched it. I wonder if it's still in existence. 

19 April 1970 - Anselmo Duarte's 'Quelé do Pajeú' was supposedly the very first Brazilian production made in 70mm... 

10 May 1970 - TV soap-opera turned into a film: 'Beto Rockfeller' had been an artistic breakthrough on TV... it is doubtful that it did the same at the silver screen. Premieres on 19 May 1970.

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