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1 9 5 8 - 'O batedor de carteiras' / 'Alegria de viver' / 'É de chuá' / 'Vou te contá'

28 January 1958 - As one can see in this 'Correio da Manhã' page, Brazilian films were as popular or even more than the foreign competition in early 1958. 

26 January 1958 - differently from the Northern Hemisphere, Brazilians flocked to the cinemas during summer time... that's something to be explained yet. That's why so many Brazilian movies were released in December, January & February. 
26 January 1958 - Shot and premiered in Sao Paulo in 1957, 'Absolutamente certo' was Anselmo Duarte's first time behind and before the cameras... it was a smash-hit. 

2 February 1958 - with the establishment of rock'n'roll in Brazil during 1957, producer-director Watson Macedo hails the new youth culture with 'Alegria de viver' in which his niece Eliana is obviously the star again and John Herbert her love interest. A very young Sergio Murilo who would be Brazil's own King of Rock in another 2 years does a credible acting job.

10 February 1958 - Oswaldo Massini's Cinedistri's production 'É de chuá', opens in São Paulo two weeks after Rio de Janeiro.
12 February 1958 - This is a São Paulo's production of a musical-comedy sub-genre one may call 'Carnaval-music-comedy'... that is, a movie produced with the intention of exposing 'Carnaval tunes' to the public at large.
16 March 1958 - second film in which rock'n'roll is featured as a 'new sensation'. Oscarito does an Elvis Presley impersonation and dances rock with Sonia Mamede.

20 April 1958 - Walter George Durst's 'Paixão de gaúcho' with superstar Alberto Ruschel of 'O cangaceiro' fame based on José de Alencar's 'O gaúcho'.
20 April 1958 - directed by Oswaldo Gensoni 'João Negrinho' was based on a Jacanã Altair book and shot in São Paulo.
4 May 1958 - Another Sao Paulo production, this time by Primo Carbonari: 'O circo chegou à cidade' with Walter Stuart, Catalano and Badú.
4 May 1958 - Mazzaropi is advertised as a children's hero in Rio de Janeiro. In São Paulo he's a poor man's hero.
4 May 1958 - While the public awaits for Mazzaropi to open, they can go and see Carequinha, Fred & Costinha doing a similar kind of humour...'Sherlock de araque' is in its 2nd week.
11 May 1958 - Mazzaropi finally opens in 20 different movie houses... which shows how much interest he generated.
25 May 1958 - Only 2nd featured film by Walter Hugo Khoury 'Estranho encontro' had Andrea Bayard as a young wife who is fleeing from a neurotic husband (Luigi Pichi) who's an amputee and after her.
8 June 1958 - Anselmo Duarte stars in 'O cantor e o milionário' with Luiz Delfino, Marlene e Eva Wilma.
Anselmo Duarte & Marlene in 'O cantor e o milionário'. 
9 June 1958 - Herbert Richers' 'De pernas p'ro ar' (Upside down or Uended or Topsy turvy) just confirms Ankito as a star; Grande Otelo who used to share the top-billing is relegated as a 'with'... Renat Fronzi is the top female star followed by Darcy Coria while Italian actor-comedian Otelo Zeloni makes his mark felt.
22 June 1958 - Oscarito & Grande Otelo in 'O caçula do barulho' directed by Italian director Riccardo Freda, first released in 1949 with leading man Anselmo Duarte and Italian sensation Gianna Maria Canale who spoke Portuguese with a heavy accent.
29 June 1958 - Herbert Richers' use of circus clowns as comedians Carequinha & Fred continues now with the addition of Costinha in 'Sherlock de araque' (Counterfeit Sherlock Holmes).
6 July 1958Maria Basaglia's 'O pão que o diabo amassou' (The bread which the devil flatted out) is a story about a loan shark (played by Jayme Costa), his adult son (Egydio Eccio) who's unemployed and on the verge of being nabbed by the police for having stolen goods from the store he used to work, daughter (Elisabeth Henreid) who's married to an Italian migrant (Carlos Zara) who can't find work as a lawyer due to his Italian diploma being invalid in Brazil. At a certain point, Ana starts doing a little prostitution to help the family along. Sordidness is the word. 

20 July 1958 - Jose Carlos Burle's 'O cantor e o milionário' is Anselmo Duarte's first flick after his smashing hit 'Absolutamente certo' in which he was the star and director too. It had all the elements to make good business at the box-office but I don't think it did because I hardly ever heard about it. Anselmo plays the singer and is dubbed by Almir Ribeiro who sadly drowned in Punta del Este earlier in the year. Luiz Delfino probably plays the millionaire... his wife singer Marlene shares the top female lead billing with Eva Wilma. To top it all off is Maysa who could do no wrong then.

11 August 1958 -  Watson Macedo's 'A grande vedete' with  super-star Dercy Gonçalves, Catalano, Zezé Macedo, John Herbert, Marina Marcel and Herval Rossano.
John Herbert & Marina Marcel.  
Dercy Gonçalves & John Herbert. 

31st August 1958 - Geraldo Vietri's 'Dorinha no soçaite' with Vera Nunes as a social climber; see Zé Fidelis the king of song-parodies; Carlos Gonzaga covers Paul Anka's 'Diana', his greatest hit ever. The ad says: 'She climbed higher than the Sputnik. From a shy hick to a lady-of-the-hour!'
Fabio Cardoso & Vera Nunes with São Paulo sky line in the background in 1957.

3rd August 1958 -  One of the last Vera Cruz production directed by Geraldo and Renato Santos Pereira...
Paulo Araujo in 'Rebelião em Vila Rica'. 
10 August 1958 - long review by OESP columnist who praises 'Rebelião em Vila Rica' in a funny way: 'A direção é empírica: limita-se a jogar o roteiro na tela, apoiando-se só na história, sem lhe dar a atmosfera ou a aura e o ritmo indispensáveis à sua plena efetivação. O resultado é uma fita movimentada, mas desequilibrada... ' 

7 September 1958 - Walter D'Avila & Violeta Ferraz in 'No mundo da lua', soon at Cine Marrocos. 
14 September 1958 - Circus clowns Carequinha & Fred first flick, 'Com água na boca', released in 1956 is back at Cine Broadway. Future Miss Brazil 1958, Adalgiza Colombo has a walk-on part. 
21st September 1958 -

21st September 1958 - Carlos Manga's 'É a maior' is about fan-club rivalry that plagued Brazilian pop music during the 1950s. 
28 September 1958 - O detetive Bartolomeu (Ankito) procura desmontar um centro de jogo-do-bicho disfarçado em floricultura. Após uma queda, fica com amnésia e passa a assumir a personalidade de bicheiro. Um medico o cura, mas ao som de um apito ele volta à personalidade criminosa. O dono do ponto resolve destruir a floricultura, por estar muito visada pela polícia e na confusão foge um macaco, que serve como palpite para o jogo.

12 October 1958 - comedian Maria Vidal tops the bill with Zé Trindade  in 'O camelô da Rua Larga'; Maysa sings her greatest hit 'Ouça'; Nelson Gonçalves sings 'Escultura' one of his greatest too. 
28 October 1958 - Portuguese actress-comedian Violeta Ferraz is the star in 'Minha sogra é da policia' (My mother-in-law is a police-woman). The flick cashes in on the new craze called rock'n'roll: Cauby Peixoto sings 'That's rock' and Carlos Imperial (Rock's pioneer) introduces his rock band made up of future rock stars like Roberto Carlos & Erasmo Carlos. 

2nd November 1958 - 1958 was Violeta Ferraz best year yet. The Portuguese comedian drew crowds on the strength of her own name. Walter D'Avila was on top-form too after 'É a maior' released a few weeks prior to that. 'No mundo da lua' directed by Roberto Farias that went on to bigger things after that. 
16 November 1958 - Argentine director Carlos Hugo Christensen's 'Meus amores no Rio' with Suzana Freyre, Jardel Filho, Domingo Alzugaray &Fabio Cardoso at Cine Paisandú. 
23rd November 1958 - Arrelia & Zé Trindade in 'Na corda bamba'...

23rd November 1958 - Watson Macedo's 'Aguenta o rojão' is Zé Trindade's 4th movie for 1958.
30 November 1958 -

30 November 1958 - Mexican-Brazilian co-production 'A mulher de fogo' based on the book 'Vazante' by José Mauro de Vasconcelos with a huge cast headed by Ninon Sevilla, Grande Otelo, Jece Valadão, Nelia Paula, 4 Azes & 1 Coringa, Trio Nagô etc. By the looks of it it first was a theatre show produced by impresario Walter Pinto and then it was filmed by Pel-Mex.

21st December 1958 - Galileu Garcia's 'Cara de fogo' with Alberto Ruschel who was still good at box-office receipts. Milton Ribeiro who had been Ruschel's silver-screen nemesis could not be left out of the flick.
28 December 1958 - Roberto Santos' 'O grande momento' with Gianfrancesco Guarnieri, Myrian Persia, Jayme Barcellos & Paulo Goulart.

28 December 1958 - Atlântida's last release for 1958: 'E o espetáculo continua...' with Cyll Farney top billing Eliana plus John Herbert, Doris Monteiro and Zezé Macedo.

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