Thursday, 10 May 2018

1 9 5 8 - 'Alegria de viver'

2 February 1958 - with the establishment of rock'n'roll in Brazil during 1957, producer-director Watson Macedo hails the new youth culture with 'Alegria de viver' in which his niece Eliana is obviously the star again and John Herbert her love interest. A very young Sergio Murilo who would be Brazil's own King of Rock in another 2 years does a credible acting job.
10 February 1958 - Oswaldo Massini's Cinedistri's production 'É de chuá', one of the best musical-comedy of the late 50s.

12 February 1958 - This is a São Paulo's production of a musical-comedy sub-genre one may call 'Carnaval-music-comedy'... that is, a movie produced with the intention of exposing 'Carnaval tunes' to the public at large.
25 May 1958 - Only 2nd featured film by Walter Hugo Khoury 'Estranho encontro' had Andrea Bayard as a young wife who is fleeing from a neurotic husband (Luigi Pichi) who's an amputee and after her.

22 June 1958 - Oscarito & Grande Otelo in 'O caçula do barulho' directed by Italian director Riccardo Freda, first released in 1949 with leading man Anselmo Duarte and Italian sensation Gianna Maria Canale who spoke Portuguese with a heavy accent.

Cauby Peixoto in 'Com jeito vai'.
12 October 1958 - comedian Maria Vidal tops the bill with Zé Trindade  in 'O camelô da Rua Larga'; that's the film in which Maysa sings her greatest hit 'Ouça'; Nelson Gonçalves sings 'Escultura' one of his greatest too. 
28 October 1958 - Portuguese actress-comedian Violeta Ferraz is the star in 'Minha sogra é da policia' (My mother-in-law is a police-woman). The flick cashes in on the new craze called rock'n'roll: Cauby Peixoto sings 'That's rock' and Carlos Imperial (Rock's pioneer) introduces his rock band made up of future rock stars like Roberto Carlos & Erasmo Carlos. 
23 November 1958 - Ankito & Grande Otelo in '... E o bicho não deu'
23 November 1958 - Arrelia & Zé Trindade in 'Na corda bamba'...

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