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1 9 5 6 - 'Sinfonia Carioca' - 'Chico Viola não morreu' / 'Rio, 40 graus'

8 January 1956 - Watson Macedo's lavish production of 'Sinfonia Carioca' did wonderful business at the box office. We're sad to say not a single copy of this film survived the ravages of the tropical climate. Eliana Macedo, the director's niece stars with Anselmo Duarte who went to bigger things becoming a fine director in 'Absolutamente certo' and then winning the Palm d'Or in Cannes in 1962 for 'O pagador de promessas'. The eternal ugly-duckling Zezé Macedo (no relation) completes the trio.
29 January 1956 - Atlantida presents 'Chico Viola não morreu' (Chico Viola has not died) a bio-pic of singer Francisco Alves who actually died in a car crash on the Sao Paulo-Rio highway on 27 September 1952. Mr. Alves aka Chico Viola had been incredibly popular throughout the 30s and 40s and the nation was in shock when he perished inside his burning Buick near Pindamonhangaba-SP on his way back to Rio de Janeiro which was the capital. Cyll Farney plays Chico Viola and lip-syncs all his greatest hits like 'Adeus' (Goodbye), 'A voz do violão', 'Aquarela do Brasil', 'A mulher que ficou na taça' (The woman who remained in the cup) etc. Watch for a very young Eva Wilma and eternally posh Heloisa Helena. Old timer Vicente Celestino's wife Gilda de Abreu wrote the screenplay. 
12 February 1956 - Carlos Manga's 'Vamos com calma' starring Oscarito with Eliana & Cyll Farney as the romantic duo.
26 February 1956 - Nelson Pereira dos Santos' 'Rio 40 graus' with 5 different stories about life in Rio de Janeiro was something utterly different from everything that had been filmed in Brazil up to that point. Nelson Pereira dos Santos introduced what would be known as Cinema Novo in the next few years. 
11 March 1956 - Flama Filmes presents 'Tira a mão daí' (Keep your hands off), a Poverty Row production to cash in on Carnaval season. Zezé Macedo & show-girl turned comedienne Consuelo Leandro are the best-known names there. Marion, a seasoned singer also acts in this comedy.  

11 November 1956 - Herbert Richers first Carequinha & Fred movie, 'Com água na boca'. See Adalgiza Colombo that would be Miss Brazil 1958.

11 November 1956 - Atlântida releases 'Papai fanfarrão' with Oscarito and Cyll Farney.

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